Yesterday it rained & today I ate eggs again

Yesterday, in San Francisco, it rained.

This was the exact reason I got a weather-proofed camera when I upgraded from my D40, since some of the most beautiful times in the city and around my school is when it was also the most likely to cause water damage in my camera. My D7000 not only was weatherproofed, but also came with some pretty good video capabilities, that I admittedly haven’t really explored. Since I already have taken way too many various ‘water droplet’ photos, I really wanted to start collecting video clips of raindrops falling on the ground or over windows because it seems like such a key staple for any video library. Cliche, but still not without it’s usefulness for video montages or transitions.

Above is a clip that I converted into a gif, another first for me. It’s far from perfect, but doing this was a pretty good learning experience, because now I can make gifs of any video clips I capture now. And with practice I’m sure to get better!

Today, after a night of watching a thrilling, but scary episode of ‘Sherlock’ ( I get spooked super easily…) I woke up feeling frumpy and sore. I slept in until a couple hours before my first class, went down to my friends’ kitchen, and made myself my usual tea & eggs. I toasted some bread while it was cooking, and decided to make a buttery egg on toast, which I folded up and ate like a sammish.

I only had a single class today, Queer Art History, and we looked at images and then our tests got passed back. I did really well, especially for feeling like I would be lucky if I didn’t fail. Unfortunately, I was so unsure of myself after I initially took it, that I changed my grade to credit/no credit. I guess things could be worse, but now that the deadline for changing it back has passed, I’m really regretting not going to be able to show how well I fully did in such a challenging class. Oh well, I guess I can just focus on enjoying learning so much without the added stress of getting an ‘A+’.

After class ended, I walked home and my good friend Tim to come hang out.

His roommates and my friends from the geekery blog ManaLeaks, Ben and Grant, are busy playing Warhammer 40k, so Tim and I are over in my room waiting it out, and watching Hulu and streaming Disney movies. We’ll reconvene with them once they’re finished and hopefully get to watch the new ‘Community’  episode.


Yesterday I ate eggs – an attempt at cooking

I am by far the world’s worst cook.

This was never really a problem for me as my father, whose skills at cooking exceed most modern men, was the one to prepare all the meals in the house when I was growing up. (I much more take after my mother, whose repertoire includes ordering pizza and heating tv-dinners.)

This luxurious lifestyle continued up to when I went away to school, where I had access to a dining center that gradually decreased in deliciousness as the year dragged on and a 24 hour Subway right below my residence. I remember ordering a sandwich there at 3 am, when everything else on campus that I could use my card at was closed, and enlisting the help of two very pleasant and very intoxicated gentlemen (dubbed in legend as ‘sandwhich angels’) who knew what was up, as far as deliciousness went.

My boyfriend and my best friend still often cook for me, and when that doesn’t happen, I always have the option of buying food or scalding the roof of my mouth with a LeanPocket. I know this isn’t very healthy, and recently I’ve been getting more than a few suggestions from my friends if they could ‘teach’ me how to cook. Getting the hint, I attempted to make a simple breakfast of eggs and tea for myself yesterday.

This meal consisted of:

  • Eggs – I had four, even though I only showed one
  • Green Tea – I found a box of this tea on the ground, walking back to the house one day. It was still sealed, so I didn’t think it was poison.
  • Ben’s Fork – which neurotically has ‘BW’ written on a patch of tape he puts around all his utensils.
  • A Plate – stolen for me by a worker at a hotel that my parents and I stayed at, who died earlier this year because of an aneurism.
  • A Mug – from my mother’s over-populated mug collection.

Don’t worry, my cookbook of equally complicated and delicious treats is sure to come out soon.