Today I Eased my own Worries

I saw the boy I wanted to be my tenant today, and he loves the room and not only wants to live in it for one month during summer, but he also wants to store a few of his belongings there after school and is willing to pay me for that month as well, without living there!

We agreed if I got him a bed as well, he would be willing to pay 800 for the month he is living there, which takes off so much from that single month of rent. I’m so relieved.


I hate how stressed out money makes me, and it makes me too anxious to think about jobs or the future or being financially responsible for myself. Grades and academics is so straightforward… I can’t imagine doing anything else…

This summer I am going to probably work for my cousin and her fiance during weddings as things, and babysit so I can make a little extra spending cash for the school year. Also my birthday is coming up, so I don’t really need to worry about money for myself for quite awhile… and when I do, I really don’t think I need a lot, other than food. 

Until then, I will try and prepare myself for living in the future. Learn to be alone, so I’m never lonely, kind of thing.


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