This Week I move into a New Place

I still am stuck on my lease at my current place for another month, which sucks, but I can’t help. My parent’s have told me over and over not to worry, and to stay focused on my final projects. I’m so incredibly lucky that I don’t need to worry about things, that I’m going to try extra hard to finish my assignments and not let them down!

Nen and I went to the apartment this morning, after yummy breakfast with Tim and we started reminiscing about our imagined futures. I feel like a little kid, playing ‘house’, in a plastic replica or something. It’s exciting and surreal. It’s not that the apartment is incredibly cool (although, it’s moderately cool!), I’m used to it since it’s the same model I’ve been subleasing from landlords in the same neighborhood. It’s just has a different feel to it, because I know the people I’m going to be living with, the ‘hello’s and ‘see you later’s will seem sincere.

I won’t have to wait until midnight, when they’re asleep, to quietly do dishes by myself.

I’ve been a bit of a recluse lately, since I’ve come to college. I’ve lived in my own room my whole life, and I know I’m not the friendliest of people. I don’t want the girls I’m living with to regret me, so I’m going to try hard to not be so stubborn…

Also, yesterday I gave blood for the first time. I lied about my weight so they would let me in, which probably ended up being bad because I got really light headed almost passed out. It was a familiar sensation, but to a whole ‘nother degree of scariness. I think it was good to experience that, to help people and feel a false sense of productivity & charity, as well as to learn to limits to my body.



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